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Fill Us With Your Love

The Fill Us With Your Love CD of Contemporary Responsorial Psalms is now exclusively available through Craig and Kristen Colson. To order your copy, please send a message through the Contact Us page.

About the CD

The Psalms voice to our deepest aspirations and feelings. More than poetry, they're song texts -- made for singing! In Fill Us with Your Love, Craig and Kristen Colson offer 16 vibrant new contemporary settings of these incomparable texts.

Much-needed singable, upbeat psalm settings
Full-time music ministers, they recognized a need for good, singable, upbeat settings for use in the liturgy. For contemporary ensembles and liturgies with young people, there just aren't many alternatives to the familiar chant settings. Covering 15 common psalms and a canticle from Daniel, this collection fills that need perfectly.

Verbatim texts from the Lectionary
Of course, for the Mass, the texts need to be verbatim from the revised Lectionary. This is just one of many things that set this collection apart: the verses and responses are verbatim, not paraphrased. Simple in structure, joyous, and suited for both small and large choirs, these are must-have tools for today's church musicians.

Each new generation tries its hand at setting the Psalms to music. Now Craig and Kristen Colson take their place in this long and rich tradition.


Fill Us With Your Love
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